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About Complete Pigeon Control

Our Mission

Complete Pigeon Control's Mission is to eliminate the property damage and health issues caused by pigeons in the community.

We are dedicated to solving your pigeon control needs. 

With over 10 years experience serving Southern Nevada, and THOUSANDS of customers, Complete Pigeon Control uses the-

Most Effective and Highest Quality Service, Equipment and Material to KEEP THE PIGEONS AWAY!!

Our History

Started in 2011, Complete Pigeon Control is a local family owned business whose team has lived in Southern Nevada since the 1950's.  

Backgrounds in Construction, Public Service, Health Sciences and Education, Our team of professionals have the experience to handle any pigeon issue for any type of property.


Pigeon Control is our professional service, but our PASSION is making a POSITIVE CHANGE in our COMMUNITY. This is why over 10% of all proceeds from ALL SALES goes back to SERVE our community as we feel we were created to do. We partner with the following organizations- (Click on logo to donate)

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Our Process

Every pigeon issue is unique. 

Our approach to every request for service is to LISTEN to our customer FIRST.

The details and assessment provided with every pigeon issue will allow us to create a CUSTOM PLAN

to solve your pigeon issue for GOOD. #NoMorePigeonPoop 

Our Quality Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing the

BEST SERVICE, with the


BEST PRICE.... Period.

We provide warranties on all work and a NO PIGEON Guarantee.

Any area that we service with a deterrent will keep the pigeons out... Guaranteed!

Let's start the process to a

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