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With every Pigeon Waste Clean UP, we will-

- Remove accumulated waste, nests and feces

- Pressure wash and scrub excrement stains

- Treat affected areas with
De- Pheromone solution to remove scent evidence of nesting

Pigeons make a HUGE mess! 1 pigeon defecates over 20x per day, which can accumulate to over 20lbs of poop in 1 year!! 

Pigeons are very territorial and will defecate and urinate in areas and use the Pheromones from the poop and pee to establish a safe breeding area.


We know in more ways than one that Poop Flows Down Hill! Our clean up is from roof top to ground level where we will clean and De-Pheromone all affected areas before installing any Pigeon Deterrents. 


Cleaning Includes-

  • Removing dry accumulated waste, nests, feces.

  • Pressure washing and scrubbing excrement stains.

  • Treating areas with De- Pheromone solution to remove evidence of nesting.



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