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With every
Pigeon Control Deterrent, we will-

- Assess the entire property and identify Current and Potential pigeon nesting areas
- Create a custom plan to address and solve the pigeon issue.
- Use the highest quality
Products, Service and Safety GUARANTEED

Pigeons will find YOUR property if they have an abundance of Food, Water or the ability to Nest.

The Areas of GREATEST CONCERN is their ability to nest. These can include: 

- Under roof eves.

- Under Solar Panels.

- Under A/C Units.

- Roof pitch transitions.

- Window Stucco Pop-outs.

- Shaded areas on the roof.

- Chimneys.

During our property inspection, we will identify all the current and potential nesting areas and create a plan to KEEP THE PIGEONS FROM NESTING on your property.


With over a decade of experience with pigeon control, Complete Pigeon Control works with our customers to create a custom plan to address and solve the pigeon issues you are having.


We have experience in all pigeon deterrents. When it comes to pigeon control products, QUALITY MATTERS. This is why we only use the highest quality pigeon deterrent products available for our customers. These include -

- SPIKES- 100% Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes. (10 year warranty from manufacture)

- WIRE MESH- Heavy gauge Galvanized Wire mesh screening.

- NETTING- UV Rated Netting and Galvanized Connectors.

- DE-PHEROMONE- De- Pheromone Solution that ensures the pheromones are removed.

- TRAPS- Durable, Effective and humane.

Safety and Quality Workmanship GUARANTEED

In addition to our Quality Products, our Safety and Workmanship is second to none. We take extreme measures to ensure we are safe while on your property. From securing the ladder, walking and working on the roof, working around energized solar panels- we do it all and WE DO IT SAFE! We pride ourselves on creating the most aesthetically pleasing pigeon control possible all while accomplishing the MAIN GOAL which is to KEEP THE PIGEONS OUT!

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