Complete Pigeon Control

Complete Pigeon Control

Solar Panel Pigeon Control

Living in Southern Nevada and beautiful sunshine almost every day of the year- 



Nesting and Perching

- Solar panels provide a Breeding Sanctuary for pigeons.

- Solar panels protect pigeons from their predators and gives an elevated perching location for food and water.

Breeding Sanctuary

EVERY standard sized solar panel system IS or HAS THE POTENTIAL to become a BREEDING SANCTUARY for HUNDREDS OF PIGEONS. 

- 2 nesting birds can mate and make 2 more birds every 30 days.

- The average pigeon poops over 15 times in a 24 hr period.

Solar System Components 

- The infestation of Pigeons and feces accumulation damages solar system components.

- Pigeons can damage Solar Panel Inverters, Connectors, Wires and the Surface of the Solar Panel. 

Roof Leaks

- Pigeon feces acts as water barricades and can cause roof leaks.

- An accumulation of pigeon droppings increases weight and rotting of building materials and can cause roof collapse. 

Exposure to droppings

- The accumulation of droppings can roll down the roof onto walkways and entry points to a house or business which can be tracked into the structure.  

- Exposure to pigeon droppings can cause illness and medical reactions.

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