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With every Solar Panel Pigeon Issue, we will-

- Remove the pigeons 
Clean and Remove Pigeon Waste
Install Pigeon Barrier Material
Custom Mold Material to Solar and Roof  
- Provide a
NO PIGEON guarantee

Pigeons LOVE Solar Panels!

  • It is not a matter of IF but WHEN pigeons will make the underside of your solar panels- THEIR HOME.

  • We are Southern Nevada's Leading Pigeon Barrier Installer. If you have solar panels and do not have pigeon barrier installed, don't wait until you have pigeon issues, call today and we can MAKE SURE no pigeons will be able to get under your solar panels.

  • We have the knowledge and expertise to solve your pigeon issue and allow your solar panels to operate efficient and pigeon free

  • We use the most durable and long lasting pigeon barrier material to keep the pigeons out.

  • We clean under the panels and remove pigeons, nests, and waste from the roof top.

  • After all work is done, we will provide you with a NO PIGEON guarantee that will ensure no pigeon can gain access to the underside of the solar panels.

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